If you want to improve revenues and reduce costs, your team members need to be doing the right things right.  AlEx™ is our MS Office-based application that helps people perform up to their full potential and deliver their best work.  AlEx™ helps you identify situations where people aren’t doing what’s necessary, and might be doing things that are not necessary – major distractions to getting things done, and major hits to your bottom line.  For any project or change initiative people need to know and get aligned on the critical factors for success.

When your leaders and team members use AlEx™ to get themselves aligned, they are communicating effectively, managing accountability, and practically guaranteeing a successful project, process  improvement or organizational transition!


  • Critical Success Factors identified
  • Key expectations communicated and agreed
  • Deliverables communicated and agreed
  • Custom CrossHairs™ reports generated
  • Accountability established and monitored
  • Team members are aligned – on the same page!

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