About TPS Network Inc.

TPS Network Inc. is a network of consulting partners who help their clients improve communications and accountability, build stronger personal core competencies, and improve sales results through use of The Performance Suite, a set of performance improvement solutions that work in those three areas to increase revenues and reduce costs.

TPS consulting partners specialize in various consulting and business disciplines including natural resource development, small business development, government, information technology, health care, education, business back office management, financial services, retail sales, manufacturing, and training.

TPS consulting partners support their clients, but also each other as independent contractors when extra help is needed to implement The Performance Suite or individual performance solutions for their clients.

TPS Network Inc. owns and maintains The Performance Suite of performance improvement solutions including AlEx™ the Aligning Expectations tool for improving communications, accountability and change management, CAM™ the Competency Assessment Matrix for identifying and evaluating core competencies, and DEL™ the DEaL Mover System for complex sales that incorporates expectation alignment and core competency development into the sales process.

Our consulting partners include:

If you are interested in joining our network and licensing The Performance Suite for the use of your clients please call 616-822-9353, or email tmerriman@pcoassociates.com and let us know.